Thanks to the great devotion of Nicola Sarzi Amadè for premium wines and distillates, he founded his Company for Distribution and Services in 1966. Since the beginning his wife, Gabriella, has been sharing his dedication and helping him out in running the Company.

Starting from dealing only with Italian wine products on the regional scale, this company has developed gradually, but steady, during the years.
In 1982 Sarzi Amadè turns its first steps, by chance, towards distribution of French wines and “acquavite” (i.e. Cognac and Brandy), by dealing only with the best vintners of each area. In roughly more than 20 years, the Company has achieved a top position in Italian wine market by taking advantage of good businness strategies, denied by competitors.
Nicola Sarzi Amadè has always deeply believed in the search for quality, prestige and image to be found in his businness partners. The finest French vineyards are in Sarzi Amadè portfolio and the best wine and brandy products are in its stockrooms.
The whole family is currently running the Company, also his son Alessandro and his daughter Claudia, by sharing a family vocation, which will guarantee the continuity of the Company itself. Sarzi Amadè has shortly become a favorite dealer of the most important French and Italian Vintners and key retailer for prestigious and selected customers.
Each portion of any activity is equally accurate, i.e. the efficient air-conditioning system to ensure the ideal temperature for wines, the immediate processing of orders to perform a prompt delivery, the ongoing training programme for its technical staff and continuous updating and upgrading of IT equipment. All this means that nothing has to be ignored.